Monsta X Beautiful In New York

A small line began to form across the street from the Playstation Theater, quietly waiting in anticipation for the show to come the following night. Dedicated fans of the immensely popular Korean pop group Monsta X gathered despite the increasing humidity and thunderstorms. Fans endured the weather in order to obtain that highly coveted spot in the front row to see their idols. As door opened and everyone slowly trickled inside, singing and chanting could be heard as fans descended down into the venue.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted into a frenzy of cheers and screams and Monsta X took to the stage. The group opened with Beautiful, a song off of their first studio album The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter. After the song Hero, the group took the time to greet the audience and then slowed things down with the songs Ex Girl and White Love as the audience waved their light sticks to create a sea of twinkling lights. After a few more songs and a video break, the boys came back with their special stages. Wonho made every girl scream with his sensual performance, while Shownu, Minhyuk, and I.M sang a playful cover of Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic, and Kihyun and Jooheon finished up with a powerful and energetic duet. The show continued with their newest single Shine Forever. Throughout the show there was great audience interaction, the band clearly having fun as the crowd yelled their names and sang and danced along with them. Fan favorites Rush and Fighter closed out the show and left fans chanting the band’s name, hoping for just one more song. The band reemerged to perform No Exit and 5:14 (Last Page), a fitting ending to a great show.

The overall production was spectacular and created an atmosphere that kept the audience engaged. Although there was a noticeable whole in the choreography because of the absence of member Hyungwon, who is recovering from an injury, the band seemed flawless.The show was an overall great success. Being able to interact and perform the way they did is something veterans in the K-pop industry could do, showing that Monsta X has a promising future ahead of them.

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