Turkey and Greece hit by strong earthquake: two dead and 100 injured – latest

Michael Heckmann from Germany is on holiday on the Greek island of Kos with his wife and four children, aged 10, eight, five and one. They are staying in the Blue Lagoon hotel on the north of the island, about 4km inland. He told the Guardian:

It was very scary – the whole room was shaking when the earthquake hit. We were woken up when the beds were shaking and bending. When I stood up I was still being shaken and the whole room seemed to be moving around. It was really frightening.

I woke up all my kids and told them we had to get outside. It was my first earthquake and was very scary. Everybody got out of the hotel and we stayed outside the buildings for about an hour and then the hotel management told us it was safe to go back into the buildings.

There have been aftershocks – even a few minutes ago – but they are much smaller than the original quake.

Heckmann said he was thankful that he was staying in a solid building.


#earthquake #kos.That’s all that happened to the room. Thanks for a great building #bluelagoonresort

July 21, 2017 Michael Heckmann

At this early stage – it is not yet dawn in the area – reports of injuries are still unclear and sometimes conflicting.

The mayor of Kos, George Kyritsis, confirmed that two people had been killed, telling Reuters:

The island’s main hospital said 20 people were injured, though other sources put the number higher at at least 30, including at least two tourists. There are reports that the roof of a bar in Kos collapsed, injuring several.

Damage has also been reported to the port of Kos; ferries would not be docking there, the coast guard said.

A strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake has struck the Aegean sea between Turkey and Greece in the early hours of Friday morning. Here is what we know so far:

  • Two people were killed on the Greek island of Kos, reportedly when a ceiling collapsed in a bar.
  • At least 100 people have been injured, officials said, around 20 in Kos and at least 70 in the Turkish town of Bodrum.
  • The United States Geological Survey (USGS), which monitors earthquakes, said it was a very shallow quake – only 10km (6.2 miles) below the seabed – off the southwestern coastal city of Marmaris in the Mugla province. The epicentre was just 10km south of Bodrum and 16km east-northeast of Kos.
  • Some injuries but no deaths have been reported in Turkey.
  • Residents and tourists fled buildings as the quake – followed by several aftershocks – hit at around 1.30am local time on Friday (22.30 GMT Thursday). Many decided to spend the rest of the night outside.

Hotel guests sleep outdoors in Bitez, about 6km from Bodrum, after abandoning their rooms following the earthquake. Photograph: Ayse Wieting/AP

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